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Anna & John - Review and Photos

‘The team of Nathan Alan and Jeremy Stone, hair and makeup extraordinaire’s, turned out to be one of the surprise wonders of our daughter’s wedding! From pre-wedding trials with my daughter, we knew that Nathan’s talent with hair, and Jeremy’s gift with makeup, were unsurpassed. They were open to any ideas we had and executed them to perfection. But they also had the professional eye to recommend suggestions that they thought might better fit with my daughter’s desired look and with the aesthetic of the wedding. They turned out to be absolutely correct, and we did everything they recommended, to an absolutely beautiful end result.

Their professionalism is beyond compare. They were completely set up the night before the wedding. They began working with the bridal party at 7am and worked non-stop until around 12:30. Most girls brought pictures of the style they wanted and, even with no previous trials, Nathan and Jeremy’s results were perfect! They made each girl an even more beautiful and elegant version of themselves, without being over done in any way, and maintained a beautiful cohesiveness throughout the entire bridal party. The effect was both ethereal and magical! And even with the tremendous amount of happy tears that were shed that day, there were absolutely no hair or makeup issues! Nathan and Jeremy did, however, continue to do touch ups throughout the day to ensure that everyone continued to look absolutely perfect!

To say that Nathan and Jeremy went above and beyond is an understatement! They were completely present and focused on every detail throughout the day, stayed longer than we originally discussed, and did anything that needed to be done even when it had nothing to do with hair or makeup. Before housekeeping could arrive, they tidied the bridal suite after the flurry of the morning’s activities; they steamed dresses to make them perfect for pictures; and Nathan took almost 600 stunning pictures during the day. His eye is amazing! What an unexpected gift to have all of these amazing pictures to look at while we wait for the official photographer’s photos to arrive!

But the biggest gift of Nathan and Jeremy was their very presence at the wedding. Jeremy’s gentle and sweet soul, combined with Nathan’s sparkly and effervescent personality, are a joy to be around. It was felt by everyone and they were loved by all. Their pricing may be a bit higher than others, but the talent and energy they bring make them worth even more. I am eternally grateful to them for all that they did and consider it a privilege to have had them as part of our daughter’s magical day!’ -Lisa (Anna’s Mother)